wolfcom_logo_body_camerasGrantsville Police Department Chooses WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras



GRANTSVILLE, UT- The Grantsville Police Department recently purchased 12 WOLFCOM VISION PoliceBody Cameras. The purchase also included 4 docking stations, 6 Eye Vision cameras, and 6 Night Vision cameras.

grantsville-pd-wolfcom-body-camera“The Grantsville Police Department has been a WOLFCOM customer for a while. Recently the department chose to switch from our WOLFCOM 3RD EYE to our WOLFCOM VISION body cameras. After considering our competitors, this department chose our VISION as the best fit for them. We make our body cameras to be the best, because cops deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter AustinOnruang.

Chief Kevin Turner talked about the decision to purchase the WOLFCOM VISIONS. “Two and a half years ago we bought the WOLFCOM 3RD EYEpolice body cameras. They served us well for a while… we decided to switch to the WOLFCOM VISION, which is a lot smaller and lighter…The 3RD EYE is very bulky and we wanted a smaller camera,” said Turner.

“We looked at Taser, Digital Ally and the WOLFCOM VISION. We tested out each of the body cameras and ruled out the ones we didn’t like. We also called other departments and got recommendations. After our research and testing, the WOLFCOM VISION came out on top. Cost and capability of the body cameras were also important factors,” said Turner.

“We liked the VISION’s solid clip and that it was rotatable, the body camera itself is light weight and easy to use. We also purchased the external point of view [Eye Vision] cameras so we like the options for placement of the camera. So far the visions are holding up very well for us,” said Turner.

“We’ve used video and still pictures in court. They’ve also helped clear up a lot of complaints. Officer complaints are down by about 73% since we started using
them. Out of 13 recent complaints, we were able to find 12 of them as invalid by checking the body cameras. They keep our police officers professional. They help secure a lot of cases and record a lot of field sobriety tests,” said Turner.

“Our police body camera policy is that the body camera must be on their person at all times and turned on for each call or each traffic stop. The police officers can turn them off in between to save battery, but most of the time they will be on,” said Turner.