wolfcom_logo_body_camerasUvalde Police Department Chooses WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras


July 14, 2015

UVALDE, TX- The Uvalde Police Department recently purchased 38 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras.

uvalde-body-camera-patch“We know that police departments have many choices they consider when it comes to choosing body cameras. At WOLFCOM, we strive to provide the latest and best quality in police body camera technology for police officers to record the truth through audio and video documentation. We are happy the Uvalde Police Department has chosen our VISION police body cameras for their police officers. As Lt. Rodriguez says below, we provide the most comprehensive information and real life video samples on our website,www.WolfcomUSA.com and we designed the VISION with features this department sees value in. We’re confident that our VISION Police Body Camera will serve this department well and help them meet their goals,” said WOLFCOM FOUNDER Peter Austin Onruang.

Lt. Daniel Rodriguez researched police body cameras for his department and made the decision to order the WOLFCOM VISION. “So far the WOLFCOM VISION body cameras are working out great for us. I was tasked with researching several different models of police body cameras and the specs on the WOLFCOM were outstanding… it was what we needed at the right price,” said Rodriguez.

“There were several reasons we decided to get police body cameras. One of the main reasons was that we were getting a lot of complaints filed against our officers and now that we have the cameras, the number has dropped significantly. Also we have dash cameras, but many times they don’t help when the police officer is out of view of the camera. With body cameras, it gives us an up close look and it’s real clear. We’re really impressed with the audio and video clarity of the WOLFCOM VISION. It helps us with our cases and we wanted to make sure we protect our officers on patrol against false complaints,” said Rodriguez.

“When researching, we found a lot of information about the body cameras on the WOLFCOM website but also the videos and real life example videos on the site were also helpful. Also there’s a specific video that shows you the operation of the camera and goes step by step over the functions of what it does and how to operate it, that was a major help in us making our decision,” said Rodriguez.

“Also we really liked that the VISION has a public awareness light. In my experience, I find that now when we interact with the public and the light is on, people are looking right at it into the camera and I’ve seen a big difference in the way the public interacts with us and behaves. Before the cameras, people used to use vulgar language and behaved disrespectfully. Now they know they’re being recorded, so they watch their language and behave appropriately,” said Rodriguez.

The department has 39 police officers, 25 of them field officers. Each police officer has their-own body camera. “Our police body camera policy is that they must have their in-car systems and body cameras powered on and rolling all the time when they’re on duty… Now that they see the impact they’re having, they all have a very positive opinion of police body cameras and there’s been a change in perspective. They really like that you can be rolling video and snap still pictures at the same time,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says they haven’t used the cameras in any major cases yet, but he has noticed that they are making a difference in several smaller cases. “What I’ve seen they’ve really made a difference in DWI cases. During sobriety tests, you can clearly see them stagger with the camera and get a good quality picture of the drivers eyes, their behavior and appearance. I think they will be a tremendous help with prosecuting these cases and increasing convictions for DWI cases because we have video evidence,” said Rodriguez.