Denton County Police Department Pct #5 Purchases WOLFCOM Police Body Cameras

May 07, 2015

denton body camera patchDENTON COUNTY, TX- The Denton County Police Department Precinct #5 recently purchased 12 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included 6 in car cameras, docking stations and 4-hour battery packs.

 Chief Deputy Troy Nivens said his department originally purchased the police body cameras as an affordable way to replace the departments’ video equipment. “We had some outdated vehicle cameras and we couldn’t record our interactions. We needed to find an inexpensive solution and WOLFCOM [Police Body Cameras] looked like it had all the features we needed to fit our budget,” said Nivens.

The department has six police officers. There were no concerns over the purchase of the new police body cameras. “We all felt it was better to have video documentation, so we wanted a way to document our encounters with the public… we had been using outdated Vidmic police body cameras, so the police officers were familiar with police body cameras already, but those police body cameras were several years old and falling apart and none of them worked anymore so we were depending on the outdated vehicle cameras,” said Nivens.

“We’ve been satisfied with the WOLFCOM police body cameras. They are nice and compact and take great video, so they worked out very well… our police officers like the on button with vibration. With the old Vidmics it was hard to tell if it was on or not, but our officers like that when you turn the WOLFCOM on, there is a vibration to let you know it is working. They also like its small size… it’s not this big piece of equipment on your chest, and that you can adapt it to wear it in many different ways,” said Nivens.

The department’s police body camera policy is that police officers are required by state law to use the cameras on all traffic stops and to record all evictions. “Otherwise they’re not specifically required to use it unless they feel like there’s something wrong that they need to document it,” said Nivens.

“We haven’t had any major incidents yet where we needed to refer to the videos, but they save all video of traffic stops and anything our officers want to save in case we need to check it later,” said Nivens.