Chief Lentz, Police Body Camera Review
Chief Lentz of the Covington PD reviews the Titan Body Camera

The Covington Police Department in Louisiana bought 40 Titan Body Worn Cameras and one docking station for $19,000 in April 2015. Chief Tim Lentz gave the following review/testimonial about the Titan Body Worn Camera:
“Our officers like them [the body cameras], they’ve become part of their uniform. Our officers have been using¬† in-car cameras for years, so they’re used to using cameras. These body cameras just extend that capability,” said Lentz. “We’ve captured many videos that disproved citizen complaints. They also show the good work our police do too.”

“What we liked most about this body camera is the storage capacity of it. It’s self contained. There’s only a one-time fee for docking stations, so no yearly fees. Some of the other body cameras we looked at like Vievu had yearly fees for video storage. So the ease of use for storage was a major reason we chose this body camera,” said Lentz. “The price was also very good… less than $400 per camera.”


Video Quality

“We like the field of view with this camera… It also has a time and date stamp on the video. It has the capability of night vision, but it is our policy to turn that feature off. We do that because we want to show exactly what the officer saw in nighttime conditions. Night vision is available to them if they need it for tactical reasons, but we want the video to reflect what the officers see at night time,” said Lentz.

The officers usually don’t use the LCD screen except to review some of the video in the field, but it’s more useful to view it in the docking station. We also like that you can just plug it into the docking station and all the video will upload automatically and you can also set the priority level of the video to high or low priority depending on how important the video is.



“The only drawback was that there was a flaw in the original clips they came with, they broke very easily… the body cameras would fall and bounce but kept on recording.¬† They’re very durable. The manufacturer upgraded the clips and now they mount much better,” said Lentz.

“They come with the epaulet mount but most of the officers use the clips and wear it on in the middle of their chest, on their shirts by the buttons… The size and weight of the camera has not been an issue with our officers, but I’m sure as technology develops body cameras will get smaller,” said Lentz.


“We like the one button record feature. The beeping [when buttons are pressed] has not been an issue. They’re easy to use and our officers have embraced the technology as just a part of their uniform,” said Lentz.