wolfcom_logo_body_camerasMajor County Sheriff’s Office Chooses WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras

July 14, 2015


FAIRVIEW, OK- The Major County Sheriff’s Office recently purchased 8 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras.

“Police officers do serious and vital work for our communities, and they need practical and reliable tools to help them do their jobs. This is why WOLFCOM specifically designed our WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras with features that police officers see value in for use in their everyday police work. We are happy to provide the Major County Sheriff’s Office with the latest in police body camera technology through the WOLFCOM VISION. We believe the VISION will serve them well in achieving their police body camera program goals,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

major_co_so_body_cam_patchUnder Sheriff Darin Reams helped his office research and decide on the WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras. “We felt with the way things are going, with all of the police incidents in the news, body cameras are the way to go, it just made sense…  We decided to upgrade and found out about the WOLFCOM VISIONS and liked them. We liked that they are small, light weight and have a rotatable lens so you can adjust it for the best angle…We also liked that it has a built in flashlight and you can take still pictures with them. You can do everything with the WOLFCOM VISION body cameras,” said Reams.

The Major County Sheriff’s Office has six police officers. “We’ve had them for about a month and our officers really like them. They like that they’re easy to use and easy to download video. They also like that the body cameras are small…Some of them wear them on their belt, others on their chest,” said Reams.

“Our police body camera policy is that the body cameras must be turned on anytime we deal with the public or are interviewing people that body camera must be on,” said Reams.