wolfcom_logo_body_camerasLewisburg Police Department Chooses WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras

Aug 3, 2015


lewisburg-police-body-camera-patchLEWISBURG, OH- The Village of Lewisburg Police Department recently purchased 6 WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras. The purchase also included 6 Super Battery Packs and 1 Docking Station.

“We designed the WOLFCOM VISION to be the most configurable body cameraavailable to law enforcement today. The Lewisburg Police Department greatly values our VISION’s adaptability and uses the VISION as a car cam and body camera. We know the VISION will serve them well with their police body camera program goals,”said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Chief Richard McGee made the decision to purchase the WOLFCOM VISIONS. “With all of the recent news stories of accusations against law enforcement, we thought it would be a good idea for our officers to get body cameras to protect our department and our Village against any false allegations,” said McGee.

“We tested out a few demo body cameras and did research for about a year. I found out about WOLFCOM while researching online and liked the way they looked. I really liked the rotatable lens which was a big feature since officers usually like to be able to wear the body cameras in different spots on their uniforms…We also found out that the WOLFCOM VISONS could double as a car camera, which is another reason why we got them,” said McGee.

The department has 3 full time police officers and 13 part time police officers. “The three full time police officers are assigned their own cameras and the part timers share. Most of them like to wear the cameras on the center of their chest. We also use them as car cameras. We clip them on the visor with an extended battery pack and then the officer will wear one as a body camera, so we record both angles…They’ve all given positive feedback. They like that they’re easy to use, just flip one switch and you’re recording,” said McGee.

“The video is excellent quality, better than our old VHS in-car camera system, the quality is awesome compared to other body cameras we tested… We really like the size of the body camera, some of the other ones we looked at like Tasers’ camera, were very bulky and the VISIONS seemed to be a reasonable size and they blend in well with our uniforms and other equipment. We’ve been wearing and using them even with the public indicator light flashing and so far no one has really noticed or complained about them,” said McGee.

Even though the police department has only had them a few weeks, they are finding them very useful. “We’ve already had a few cases with the prosecutor where the videos have been helpful in court cases. It’s great to have them because no one can ever say ‘that didn’t happen’ in court. We’ve used them to interview suspects, they come in handy when we need to do quick interviews and don’t have time to set up our interview room system,” said McGee.

The department’s official police body camera policy is that the cameras must be turned on whenever an officer is responding to a complaint and dealing with a citizen on that level.