wolfcom_logo_body_camerasPinehurst Police Department Chooses WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras


April 15, 2015

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PINEHURST, NC- The Pinehurst Police Department recently purchased 20 WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included software and radio cables so the officers can hook the cameras up to their radios to use the radio mic feature.

“We want to provide high quality body cameras at an affordable price so all law enforcement departments can utilize them. Police body cameras need to be used because they benefit the police officers as well as the citizens in the community. The use of body cameras gives the community transparency and in return, the community will have more trust toward police officers,” said WOLFCOM CEO Tiffany Wang.

“This is the model that the officers preferred,” said Chief Earl Phipps. The Pinehurst Police Department has been using dash cameras in their patrol cars for years and has been researching body cameras for the last three years. The department considered various models trying to decide which would be a good fit for them.

Phipps explained that one of the police officers main concerns was practicality and placement of the camera. The feature that they liked most was that the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE is designed to be several tools in one and also can be used as a radio microphone for their radios. “Our police officers didn’t want to carry around an extra piece of bulky equipment on their belt…. real estate on your belt is a premium. This just replaces an item that’s already being used, the radio mic. That factor and the ease of use made this choice a no brainier,” said Phipps.

Phipps says before they considered the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE, the department was leaning toward a different camera with less functionality. “We’re glad we found it because we would have settled for an inferior product. Your cameras were half the price for twice the features… an easy sell to my board. More value for your money,” said Phipps.

One more feature that the department likes is that there is a view screen on the back of the camera, letting officers use it to look around corners. “Being able to use the camera to look around corners without exposing the officer to any potential danger is an important feature. Anytime you can improve officer safety in the field, that’s a big deal,” said Phipps.