wolfcom_logo_body_camerasPojoaque Trail Police Department Purchases WOLFCOM VISION™ Police Body Cameras


April 24, 2015

Pojoaque Trial, NM – The Pojoaque Trail Police Department recently purchased 15 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras.

Police Chief Frank Rael says he read about WOLFCOM Police Body Cameras on Policeone.com. “We called and WOLFCOM’s prices fit our budget,” said Rael. “We had a few officer involved shootings in the area and we decided to look into the idea [of getting police body cameras] more closely.”

“We liked the WOLFCOM’s storage capacity, the audio, video, and picture capability, we liked the clarity of the video quality… we also liked that there are attachments for the camera and we’re planning to purchase those in the future,” said Rael.

The department consists of 13 police officers and Rael says the police officers are pro camera. “Our Police Body Camera policy is that they must use them while on duty at all times…. The body cameras were pretty easy for them to learn, so far they’ve had no complaints, overall there’s a good response from the police officers. The public seems to support the police body cameras, but some have questions about how we’re going to manage and supervise the video.”

“They’ve [the police body cameras] assisted in clearing up a lot of officer complaints. Being able to look at the video of those incidents has been very helpful. Most of the time it’s to the officers benefit,” said Rael.