wolfcom_logo_body_camera_logo1Corrales Police Department Chooses WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras

July 03, 2015


Corrales PD Officers Valerie Trujillo, Dan Parsons & Amanda Garcia wear their new WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras

corrales_police_body_camera_patch33CORRALES, NM- The Corrales Police Department recently purchased 15 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included 1 docking station.

“At WOLFCOM we understand that police departments spend a lot of time planning for their equipment purchases so they can get the best quality and value for their investment, that why we strive to produce the best police body cameras available to law enforcement agencies. We’re honored to provide our WOLFCOM VISION to the Corrales Police Department. We designed the VISION with the user friendly features this department greatly values. We hope our body cameras will serve them well in their body camera program goals,” said WOLFCOM founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Chief Victor Mangiacapra says his department had been considering getting police body cameras for about two years. “With all the cases going on around the country since Ferguson and departments considering whether or not they should be used and considering body camera policies… We took, what I feel is a good balanced approach. The number one reason we got them was for protection of the police officers and the citizens. We believe that it will help the individuals on both sides of the camera behave better. We’re not doing this in secret, we want the public to know they’re being recorded… we believe using police body cameras will improve relations with the public and accountability for everyone,” said Mangiacapra



Pictured: Sergeant Dave Wiley & Chief Victor Mangiacapra wearing their WOLFCOM VISIONS

 Mangiacapra says several factors went into his department ultimately choosing the WOLFCOM VISION. “We did a lot of research, talked to neighboring departments, studied police body cameras on the internet and talked with different body camera manufacturers. In addition to the cost and durability of the VISION body camera, we found WOLFCOM really easy to deal with and very competitive,” said Mangiacapra.

 “The combination of versatility, ease of use and durability puts the VISION in a class by itself. The swivel lens makes it really easy to use as a combination car camera and body camera… which saves our department about five thousand dollars per car from having to put in dash cams. The cost of the cameras is reasonable… also the availability of the online training videos is a huge plus. Our officers can just go online anytime and learn how to use the features by watching the training videos… much better than just sending a user’s manual,” said Mangiacapra.

The department has 15 police officers, so they each have their own police body camera. “We haven’t had any major incidents yet that they’ve recorded… we’ve only been using them for about two weeks, at this point we’re still experimenting with them and learning how to use them….The officers are loving them. They find them very user friendly and understand that they’re for their own protection…they all wear them on their upper torso,” said Mangiacapra.