wolfcom_logo_body_cameras Las Vegas Marshal’s Office Chooses WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras



LAS VEGAS, NV- The Las Vegas Marshal’s Office recently purchased 22 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included 7 docking stations and 22 Evidence Management Software by WOLFCOM licenses.

“Time and time again, when police departments test the WOLFCOM VISION against our competitors police body cameras, officer s respond to the features that make the WOLFCOM VISION distinct among police body cameras. This is the case with the Las Vegas Marshal’s Office. This department tested the top body cameras on the market and chose our VISION for its light weight, rotatable lens, ease of use and affordable price point. We know our VISION will serve this department well with their body camera goals,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

LVCity_MarshalsLt. Robert Woolsey helped test and manage the departments police body camera program. “There is legislation recently passed in Nevada that requires all police departments to use body cameras, but even before that, we had been looking for some time to get body cameras… after seeing the mood of the country following the Ferguson shooting and the pending legislation at the time, that’s what inspired us to get body cameras to help our police officers show their side of the story and protect them against any allegations. The legislation really helped us get the funding to get them,” said Woolsey.

“We had been testing Vievu, Taser and Digital Ally police body cameras and I came across the WOLFCOM police body cameras as a recommendation from other local police departments that had all tested the WOLFCOM police body cameras and were happy with them…so I reached out to Lorena at WOLFCOM and she got back to me right away and over-nighted us VISION body camera testing units. We tested the cameras for two weeks and it tested as well as the Vievu body camera, which we were thinking of going with at the time…. but the WOLFCOM had different functions and the rotatable lens which allowed for a true officer point of view. That feature, combined with the small size and the price point made us choose the VISION…The small size was important… it wasn’t an obstruction and it doesn’t stand out and it puts people at ease when they see it. Also the price point was much more cost effective then the other body cameras. We were able to afford to buy a body camera for every officer on the force. So it was good from a user perspective and from an administrative perspective,” said Woolsey.

“The WOLFCOM VISION was better received by the officers. They loved it. They liked the smaller sized, the rotatable lens and they found it very user friendly. We set it on easy mode and made it easy to use… just switch it on and off, and the officers that tested it liked that it had a vibration feature to let you know it was on and recording. They liked that it was easy to download and charge in the docking station. We wanted a body camera system that was easy to use. I didn’t want them to be working with complex wires and pushing buttons and logging into computers… with the docking station, they just drop it in and it downloads on its own…. it’s hard to sell a body camera system to officers who don’t want one, so the simpler it is to use, the better and the WOLFCOM system met that need,” said Woolsey.

“Our officers are excited to start using them…. Most of them prefer to wear them on their uniform pockets. Some of them had special pockets and straps made on their vests for the body cameras. We tested the WOLFCOM and Vievu body cameras at the same time. So in some cases we’d have two officers wearing different body cameras (one Vievu, one WOLFCOM) and they’d both be capturing video of the same situation. We found that the WOLFCOM camera captured the event more in total because of the rotatable lens that allows officers to adjust the position of the camera to capture the best angle. The Vievu camera has a fixed lens so it only captured a fixed angle. You’d hear the officer yelling commands but wouldn’t always have everything in view. So the WOLFCOM was the better camera in that regard. The video quality came out much better,” said Woolsey.