wolfcom_logo_body_camerasUS National Park Service, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Purchases WOLFCOM Police Body Cameras



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MINERAL, CA- The U.S. National Park Service in Lassen Volcanic National Park, recently purchased 5 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included Night Vision External Body Cameras.

Chief John Fish said he purchased the police body cameras based on his experience with previous police body cameras in his previous position in Alaska at Denali National Park. “I saw the benefits of using them. They saved us from a lot of problems and complaints,” said Fish.

After about two months of research, Fish decided on the WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras. “I knew what I didn’t want. The previous police body cameras we used were plastic and didn’t last long, they were fragile and had short battery life. The WOLFCOM police body cameras were more durable and cost effective than any of the other police body cameras we were looking at. I also liked the clarity of the image quality and the simplicity of use. I wanted to get them in the field asap. I like my police officers to wear them on their belts, so size was also a factor,” said Fish.

The police department has a staff of 9 police officers. “There was some concern at first from the police officers mainly related to policy of use and evidence storage, so I wrote the body camera policy to alleviate those concerns. Other than that, our staff is pro camera. They all know what it’s like to be in court with a complaint situation where it’s our word vs. theirs. My police officers are all professionals and they have no problem with being on camera. They seem to like them… We do traffic stops and service calls like any other police department so the police body cameras are helpful in those situations, however we also respond to calls for medical aid and in some of those situations we don’t want to take video of that for privacy concerns,” said Fish.

“My police officers are all good, I don’t doubt that they’re doing the right thing, but it’s always nice to have that video to back them up,” said Fish.

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