wolfcom_logo_body_camerasJamestown Police Department Purchases WOLFCOM Police Body Cameras


JAMESTOWN, KY- The Jamestown Police Department recently purchased 6 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras.

The department has five police officers. Sgt. Jeff Kerns was one of the officers who helped in the decision to purchase the police body cameras. “We decided to get them in response to all of the recent news stories going back to Ferguson. We always had dash cams but never thought of getting police body cameras until that incident happened. Everyone in the department was pretty pro body camera at the time and since we got them, anyone that did had any concerns lost them and fell in love with the cameras,” said Kerns.

“I had seen an ad online about WOLFCOM so I was aware of your cameras. We’re a small department, so we got together and did some comparisons between a few different police body cameras… everyone looked at the specs for each body camera and a majority of us decided we liked WOLFCOM best. Its small compact size was one of the major features we liked…. When you’re carrying all this police equipment on you, it’s all about space. We also liked that it had pre-record and could take still pictures,” said Kerns.

“Our police officers were able to learn how to use them quickly. They work great, the video is great. We had the capability to record interviews before but this is so much more convenient to be able to record with the body camera and not to have to set up the video camera,” said Kerns.

The WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras have been effective in a recent major juvenile rape case where two of the cameras were used to interview the suspect. “Since we got them, this interview is the first serious crime where we’ve used body camera footage. The video quality is great and the cameras are proving to be very useful in this case,” said Kerns.