wolfcom_logo_body_camerasRockville Police Department Gets Grant to Purchase WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras


July 15, 2015

ROCKVILLE, IN- The Rockville Police Department recently purchased 6 WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras.

rockville police body camera picture“This is a great example of a community coming together to support their local police department. We applaud the Parke County Community Foundation and the Parke County Prosecutor for helping the Rockville Police Department to outfit all of its officers with our WOLFCOM VISION. We know cost is a major factor for police departments when considering new police equipment. This is why we strive to make our police body cameras the most technologically advanced and most cost effective on the market today,” said WOLFCOM FOUNDER Peter Austin Onruang.

rockville body camera reviews
Sgt. Jeff Ramey
helped his department research police body cameras and decide on the WOLFCOM VISION. “We had been thinking of getting body cameras for a while and we just got a grant from the Parke County Community Foundation for four of the body cameras. The Parke County Prosecutor donated the funds for the remaining two. This allows for each full time officer to have a camera on at all times…. We decided to get them to help in courtroom cases and prosecuting cases. It helps to have that video evidence,” said Ramey.

“It was a combination of price, reliability and good reviews from other departments that made us decided on the WOLFCOM VISION… I learned of the camera on the WOLFCOM Facebook Page and then checked out the WOLFCOM website and watched the creative YOUTUBE Videos of the WOLFCOM body cameras… and learned about the reliability, easy use and many functions of the VISION,” said Ramey.

The department has six police officers. “We just deployed the cameras last week and so far so good. It just gives us piece of mind that we have it there to back us up,” said Ramey.

The department’s police body camera policy is “Anytime we’re dispatched or initiate contact with the public, the camera must be on and recording,” said Ramey.