wolfcom_logo_body_camerasParke County Sheriff’s Office Chooses WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras


July 20, 2015

ROCKVILLE, IN- The Parke County Sheriff’s Office recently purchased 12 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras.

“As more and more law enforcement agencies consider police body cameras, they appreciate the technical capabilities and security features our WOLFCOM VISION has to offer. After careful comparison, the Parke County Sheriff’s Office saw great value in the VISION and we’re happy they chose the WOLFCOM VISION to meet their police body camera program goals,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

parke-so-body-camera-patchThe Parke County Sheriff’s Office has 11 officers. Sgt. Brad McNeill helped his office research and decide on the WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras for the Sheriff’s Office. “We were one of the first to use in car-video. When we did and people came in to file complaints… about 60 percent of them withdrew those complaints when they learned we had video…We’re a beach community and we get a lot of responses on the beach and officers are away from their cars, so we wanted to be able to get video of those situations,” said McNeill.

“We researched for over a year. We talked to other agencies that had body cameras and they recommended WOLFCOM. What we liked about the VISION is the rotatable lens. With other cameras we tested, the lens was in a fixed position. With the VISION, we liked that you can adjust it to fit your height. We also liked the cameras size, the video quality and that you could use it as an audio recorder and take still pictures with it,” said McNeill.

“Second, we liked that the VISION’s are more durable and more secure compared to the ones we used previously. With those cameras anyone could access and delete files. With the VISIONS, only administrators have control over accessing and deleting files. With the VISION, we can show how the video is secured and backed up,” said McNeill.

“With all of the events in the news, we need to protect ourselves against allegations. It’s very powerful in a courtroom if we can capture and protect video evidence. There are a lot of positives… And if our guys are out there doing something they shouldn’t be doing, this will keep them in line,” said McNeill. “We also like the public awareness light on the VISION… This lets the public know they’re being recorded and our guys know the camera is recording, so hopefully it will keep everyone in line.”