wolfcom_logo_body_camerasRupert Police Department Chooses WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras


April 10, 2015

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RUPERT, ID- The Rupert Police Department recently purchased 10 WOLFCOM® VISION Police Body Cameras. The Department consists of 13police officers.

“We want to provide high quality body cameras at an affordable price so all law enforcement departments can utilize them. Police body cameras need to be used because they benefit the police officers as well as the citizens in the community. The use of body cameras gives the community transparency and in return, the community will have more trust toward police officers,” said WOLFCOM CEO Tiffany Wang.

Lt. Jeff McEwen says the department needed to upgrade their old body cameras and were looking for replacement body cameras that “were lighter and easier to take on and off quickly, but were steady enough that they wouldn’t be knocked off too easily,” said McEwen.

The use of Police Body Cameras has been a hot news topic in recent months in the wake of high profile police incidents where body cameras were not used and video was not available. “The cameras are very important. Having video reduces the risk of liability and improves our service to the public, so it’s a win win for everyone,” said McEwen.

The police officers have had the cameras for three weeks and officers say they like the WOLFCOM VISION PLUS Body Camera’s ease of use and features. McEwen says they’re excited about the new cameras and plan to purchase additional WOLFCOM accessories for the cameras in the future.