wolfcom_logo_body_camerasWOLFCOM to Donate Police Body Cameras to Hawthorne Police Department


Los Angeles, CA- WOLFCOM, a leading manufacturer of Police Body Cameras based in Los Angeles will donate 40 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras to the Hawthorne Police Department in June. The donations will also include 40 WOLFCOM Evidence Management software licenses and docking stations.

vision body cameraThe Hawthorne Police Department has about 100 police officers. The WOLFCOM team will be on site to train the officers on how to use the police body cameras and complete the installation process. Mayor Brown and elected officials are expected to be there as well to comment and learn more about the new cameras. WOLFCOM has been manufacturing Police Body Cameras for the last four years and has earned its place as a leader in the market.

“We want to support our local communities and donate body cameras so the public and the police department can have the benefits of increased transparency, accountability and a reduction in use of force, complaints and litigation. It is important to support initiatives that increase the fundamental trust between law enforcement and the community. We are hoping this will create a ripple effect, reinforcing the effectiveness of this new policing tool to others,” said WOLFCOM CEO Tiffany Wang.

“Born and raised in Los Angeles, I have always admired police officers and the sacrifices they make on a daily basis to protect and to serve citizens like myself. I recall a night many years ago when my own life was in danger and was saved in the nick of time by police officers. Now it’s my turn to protect and to serve those who so valiantly and unselfishly place their own lives before all of us. Mayor Chris Brown’s advocacy for police body cameras makes the Hawthorn Police Department the perfect department for this donation from WOLFCOM,” said WOLFCOM founder Peter Austin Onruang.

hawthorne california police department body cam patchThe Hawthorne police department has already tested the VISION Police Body Cameras last fall. “The Hawthorne Police Department appreciates the gracious offering and partnership provided to us by WOLFCOM and its staff. From inception to delivery, they have worked with us in evaluating, testing and ultimately providing a quality ‘Body Worn Camera’ and sub-system. The addition of this modern-day recording tool for our Police Officers will compliment my Department’s provision of superior service as well as advance our trust-building commitment to our community,” saidRobert Fager, Hawthorne Chief of Police.

Hawthorne Mayor Chris Brown is an advocate of police body cameras. “I want to thank WOLFCOM for this donation, these police body cameras are going to help out our police officers by giving them an extra eye in the field…. They will reduce unanswered questions and lawsuits. This is an important issue right now with what’s going on around the country… use of police body cameras will also take away some of the liability away from municipalities around the country. Out of all the body cameras we looked at, WOLFCOM is by far the best and we appreciate the donations,” said Brown.