wolfcom_logo_body_camera_logo1Brantley Police Department Purchases WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras

June 16, 2015

BRANTLEY, AL- The Brantley Police Department recently purchased 3 WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police Body Cameras.

“We’re happy the Brantley Police Department chose WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police Body Camerasfor their department. We at WOLFCOM greatly appreciate this department’s need for quality reliable equipment as vital tools to assist these hard working police officers in their daily work. We design our body cameras to provide the multiple functions at a reasonable cost that the City of Brantley Police Department appreciates and specifically responded to in their research phase, mainly the 3RD EYE’s microphone and night vision functions. We want to provide all departments with the best body cameras available, because cops deserve the best,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin.

The Town of Brantley Police Department has 3 full time police officers. The Brantley Fire and Rescue Department donated funds to help the Brantley Police Department upgrade their body cameras to the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police body cameras. Assistant Chief brantley-body-cameraDrew Morgan was one of the officers who researched and helped make the decision to purchase the body cameras. “The main reason we decided to get police body cameras was for public safety and for our safety. We looked on the internet and researched different police body camera systems for a couple of weeks before deciding on the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE,” said Morgan.

“One of the things we liked immediately was that the camera doubled as a lapel microphone for our radios. We also liked that for less money, you could get a better camera with 1080P quality and more features and options then the other cameras we were looking at in the same price range. We also liked the 3RD EYE’s night vision capability,” said Morgan.

“We depend on our equipment a lot…the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE body cameras have been absolutely helpful in the field. We use them in everything we do. They’re especially helpful in domestic cases and traffic stops. We use the night vision a lot too, it really works well,” said Morgan.
“Everyone likes them and finds them easy to use and figure out. We like all the features. We haven’t had them long enough to use them in any major cases yet, but they’ll be helpful in those cases when we do… Our body camera policy is that the cameras must be on during all calls and traffic stops,” said Morgan.