Automatic Video and Audio Redaction

The WOLFCOM Evidence Management System (WEMS) is a complete software that includes a video redaction feature. When trying to redact a video with WEMS, you'll be presented with 2 options: basic redaction and smart redaction.

Basic redaction is done manually and it's absolutely free for all WEMS users. To redact faces with the free basic redaction, simply draw a square anywhere in the video and it will remain there for the entire length of it. If the object that's being redacted moves, all you need to do is drag the redaction square to the correct place. The software will save the position of the square during each frame of the video and move it automatically when you play the video. It's as easy and simple as manual redaction gets!

Smart redaction is a more advanced option you'll have to pay an additional price for it. This feature is able to identify and redact faces automatically with a 99% accuracy. Once the smart redaction feature is open, it immediately points out and lists all faces in the video. With one simple click, the software redacts all faces in a matter of seconds. This option is perfect for those who need to redact videos on a constant basis as it will save them an enormous amount of time.

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