wolfcom_logo_body_camerasWOLFCOM VISION Body Camera Survives Flying Out of Car Window!

June 15, 2015

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Damage to WOLFCOM VISION after flying out of car window. (photos by Deputy Dale Stracener)

LUXORIA, AR- Deputy Dale Stracener of Mississippi County Sheriff’s Department recently relayed his true story of his experience with the WOLFCOM VISION police body camera.

“I was driving down a two lane road and saw a car coming at me head on driving on the wrong side of the road. I had a few seconds to react… so it was either hit him or go into the ditch. I didn’t have time to turn the body camera on,” said Stracener.The other car going the wrong way has not been found, “I swerved into the ditch and hit a telephone pole right at about 40 miles per hour… and my camera and my name badge broke off and flew right out the open window on impact. It landed about 15-20 feet outside the car,” said Stracener.

“It [the body camera] must have hit the ground just right, so it turned on… the first images when I played it back are of it looking at a patch of grass… then you see me come over and pick it up a few minutes later… and it recorded for about an hour after that. I didn’t even know it was gone at first. When I got out of the car I looked down and saw the shiny metal sticker on the back of the camera shining in the sun and I thought, “Well, there’s my camera”, I picked it up and clipped it back on my chest. I didn’t even know it was rolling,” said Stracener.

“I was fine, a little sore, but OK. The camera just got one little dent on the front face of it. I scratched up the telephone pole a bit and took out a phone box. The police car was totaled,” said Stracener.

Stracener purchased his own WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Camera has been testing for about 3 weeks to try it out for his department. “It works pretty good so far. I’m 6”1’ and I was wearing it on my shoulder and it was constantly looking at the sky, so I started clipping it on my chest. I like the e-z mode, where you just touch one button to turn it on. And now Deputy Stracener likes the cameras durability too… “So far, so good,” said Stracener.

“We at WOLFCOM are glad that Deputy Stracener is OK after his car accident and is able to share with us his remarkable story. The WOLFCOM VISION’s outer casing is made from aircraft grade aluminum, not plastic like most other body cameras on the market, which contributes to the WOLFCOM VISION’s durability. We design our cameras to be tough to stand up to the rough and sometimes dangerous conditions that police officers encounter every day. The durability of the WOLFCOM VISION is one of its most appreciated features by most departments who choose our cameras…and now there is further proof that our body cameras can handle those tough unexpected conditions. We design our cameras to be the best, because cops deserve the best,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.