wolfcom_logo_body_camerasSan Luis Police Department Purchases WOLFCOM Police Body Cameras

July 06, 2015

SAN LUIS, AZ- The San Luis Police Department recently purchased 10 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body CamerasThis was the department’s second order of VISIONS from a previous order of 20 VISION police body cameras last year.

“We’re pleased that the San Luis Police Department chose WOLFCOM police body cameras. We at WOLFCOM design our body cameras to be practical and useful tools in everyday police work. The police officers in this department seem to appreciate the various functions that are part of our WOLFCOM VISION. We design our cameras to be the best, because cops deserve the best,” said WOLFCOM founder Peter Austin Onruan

The department has 32 police officers. Sgt. Joel Sauceda is in charge of overseeing his department’s police body cameras. Sauceda says the department decided to get the police body cameras to protect against litigation from false complaints. “They’ve been effective in lowering complaints… So far the department has not used them for any major cases, but they have been helpful in recording arrests and getting a real good picture of the incident,” said Sauceda.

“Half the officers wear it on their lapel, the other half wear it on their uniform in the middle of their chest, by their shirt buttons …The video and picture quality is awesome….The officers had no issues on learning how to use them. Most of them are using them for taking still photos at crime scenes. They really like that they can do that [take still photos] in addition to the video. Also they like to use the flashlight LED feature on the night shift,” said Sauceda.