wolfcom_logo_body_camerasWhite Bluff Police Department Chooses WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras


Aug. 25, 2015

WHITE BLUFF, TN- The White Bluff Police Department recently purchased 6 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included 1 docking station.

whte bluff tenn police department patch 1“We’re happy that the White Bluff Police Department is using our WOLFCOM VISIONS. This department was referred to us by a recommendation from their neighboring department. Our body cameras have earned a reputation of being the best in the industry. We make the best because cops deserve the best! We know our VISION body camera will serve them well,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Chief Mike Holman talked about the decision to purchase the VISION body camera for his police department. “One of our neighboring police departments, the Dickson Police Department, spent a lot of time, effort and money into studying and testing police body cameras and they came up with the WOLFCOM VISION as their camera of choice…. I’m not one to re-invent the wheel. I trust Lt. Todd Christian and the research he did. If he recommended the WOLFCOM VISION for his department, I’m going to use it for my police officers in our department,” said Holman.

“The VISION body cameras performance is great. The quality of the video recording and equipment is very good. The body cameras are rugged. The downloading is easy and quick. We’ve used body cameras for several years now, mainly for self preservation. We’ve used the Scorpions and Muvi body cameras in the past. Police officers are always getting complaints filed against them and it’s often their word vs. the police officers word… the police officers word doesn’t carry the same weight anymore as it did years ago…This is real time evidence that proves whether or not an officer did or didn’t do something they were or weren’t supposed to do,” said Holman.

The department has 6 police officers and each is assigned their own body camera. “They like them. They’re easy to use with no fancy switches; it’s on or it’s off… so far we like that they’re rugged and have a steady clip mount. The clip has very solid anchor points. It’s working very well. The VISIONS are good quality body cameras. Dickson has been working for 6 months or more studying police body cameras so I listened to their recommendations and this was a no brainer for us,” said Holman.

“It’s like having someone watching all the time. It keeps the police officers professional knowing that they’re being recorded and it’s the same thing with the public. If they know that every officer is carrying a body camera and they see the body camera on the officer next to their badge, they know they’re being recorded. I think it stops a lot of incidents before they get started. The body cameras have assisted officers in dismissing complaints against them. Our body camera policy says you shall have one and you shall have it on whenever you interact with the public.

“It’s a sign of the times, people know the technology is available and they expect the police departments to have them and they expect to see video. It’s been a great tool for law enforcement and a great tool for our department. I wear mine all the time, even in the office. You know it takes a heartbeat for something to go wrong,” said Holman.