wolfcom_logo_body_camerasWalker County Environmental Crime Unit Speaks About WOLFCOM Police Body Cameras


WALKER COUNTY, TX- Walker County Environmental Crime Unit Investigator Robert Knight recently talked about his experience with the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police Body Camera.

“I was at a fire once and I met a warden and saw that he was wearing a police body camera and once I saw that the technology was available, I said we need to get that,” said Knight. “I wanted to be able to protect myself, there are a lot of people out there who are not always honest, if I get complaints I pull up the video and find out what really happened. I had one situation where a lady called up and complained, saying that I had talked to her inappropriately and that I used inappropriate language. I went out to my truck, grabbed my WOLFCOM 3RD EYE and was able to play it back for my chief while he was still on the phone and that instantly killed the complaint. On several occasions, it has protected me from false accusations.”
“People don’t always look at us as regular cops, so sometimes I’ll have people confessing right to me, so I realized it’s also a great tool for collecting evidence. We caught 3 guys illegally dumping hazardous waste where they weren’t supposed to. We lost them but found them again at their home and after talking, got them to admit what they did on camera and were able to get three convictions based on the video confession,” said Knight.

“After talking it over with my chief, I bought a first generation VID MIC. When I was ready for a new police body camera, VID MIC was falling apart so I was introduced to the WOLFCOM police body cameras by a parks and wildlife unit that was using them. I snatched it up. Immediately I liked the screen on the back, being able to see what I’m recording, also the infrared night vision capability, the fish eye lens, and the quality was better than the one I was using. Also the activation switch made it super easy to use. With the old one, I was constantly worried if it was on and recording. With the WOLFCOM, you just turn it on and forget about it. I’ve been very satisfied with the camera,” said Knight.

Knight has had and maintained his WOLFCOM 3RD EYE police body camera for four years. “The same unit has lasted and continues to operate just fine. We maintain our police body cameras because we consider them a valuable tool,” said Knight.

In response to the recent police involved shootings in the news like Ferguson, where police body cameras have and have not been used. “It saddens us as law enforcement officials to see all this occurring. It bothers me to see the attitude of some officers who are strongly against police body cameras. If they’re doing their jobs right, they should have no problem being recorded on camera.  I’m just trying to do my job and do the right thing.  It’s a benefit. I have issues with officers who are bothered by that. All it’s done is help me. Why wouldn’t you want to protect yourself?… and if the reason some cops are against it is because they’re worried it may catch them doing something they shouldn’t be doing, then maybe they shouldn’t be doing that to start with. I had this discussion with my chief when I got the camera, he asked if I’d be comfortable with the camera recording my every move and I said yes. I’ve never regretted purchasing and using my police body camera,” said Knight.