wolfcom_logo_body_camerasShoshone County Sheriff’s Office Purchases WOLFCOM Police Body Cameras


SHOSHONE COUNTY, ID- The Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office recently purchased 11 WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police Body Cameras.

Lt. Taylor Marlow says his department has been using police body cameras for at least the past five years. “They help us with investigating complaints and evidence issues. These days it doesn’t make a lot of sense not to have them,” said Marlow.

Lt. Marlow says one of the main reasons they upgraded to WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police Body Cameras is for the night vision capability. “Body cameras are pointless unless you can see at night and in low light since a lot of incidents take place at night. Being able to record in these conditions is mandatory otherwise you might as well walk around with just an audio voice recorder. The night vision on the WOLFCOM camera is very good,” said Marlow.

shoshone_body_cameras_patch.jpegThe department has 15 patrol police officers. “The cameras have proved helpful in day to day business. Traffic stops, use of force situations, etc. One of my duties is to field citizen complaints. Every time a complaint comes in, the first thing I do is pull the video from the officer. Then we show it to the person making the complaint and it’s hard for them to argue with that,” said Marlow.

Marlow also said the department is impressed with the cameras picture quality compared to previous police body cameras they’ve used. “Outstanding video… night and day literally. It’s a good camera, well made,” said Marlow.