wolfcom_logo_body_camerasSaguache County Sheriff’s Office Purchases WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras

April 13, 2015

SAGUACHE, CO – The Saguache County Sheriff’s Office recently purchased 11 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase included 3 docking stations.

“We want to provide high quality body cameras at an affordable price so all law enforcement departments can utilize them. Police body cameras need to be used because they benefit the police officers as well as the citizens in the community. The use of body cameras gives the community transparency and in return, the community will have more trust toward police officers,” said WOLFCOM CEO Tiffany Wang.

Undersheriff James McCloskey says the department considered purchasing police body cameras to solve the problem of officers not always being in view of their police car mounted cameras. “The body camera goes where you go,” said McCloskey.

McClosky says the officers were reluctant at first to embrace use of the new police body cameras, but there has been an attitude shift now that they are using them regularly. “They like the multi-functions, that you can use it to record audio or video,” said McClosky.

“It’s nice to have when someone levels a complaint because the video make it easy to resolve the issue and we can prove exactly what happened… one guy came in all fired up over a ticket and was making all kinds of complaints. The video proved that our officer kept his composure and acted professionally. Anyone who watched the video wouldn’t agree with his account,” said McCloskey.