Pawnee Police Department Chooses WOLFCOM Police Body Cameras

July 09, 2015

pawnee-chief-body-camerasPAWNEE,OK- The Pawnee Police Department recently purchased 6 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras.

“We at WOLFCOM understand that police equipment needs to be high quality, durable and adaptable. This is why we designed our WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras to be the perfect combination of these features. The aircraft grade aluminum casing that the VISION is housed in, ensures that the body cameras will stand up to daily police use, which was a major factor the Pawnee Police Department took into consideration. We’re pleased to provide the latest in police body camera technology to the Pawnee Police Department and are confident their new WOLFCOM VISIONS will serve them well. We make our police body cameras to be the best, because cops deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Chief Wesley Clymer helped his department research the police body cameras and select the WOLFCOM VISION. “The body cameras we were using previously were inferior quality and continued to break very easily, so we were looking for a more durable replacement… The WOLFCOM body cameras are encased in aluminum, so we think they are much better quality and will last much longer then the previous body cameras we were using…. Also after Ferguson and all of the other incidents in the news, we felt there needed to be more transparency in our department. We believed police body cameras will help us do that,” said Clymer.

“One of our police officers recommended the WOLFCOM body cameras, he had used it before and liked it. So we started researching them and looking at the WOLFCOM website and our officers liked the body cameras and the features they offered…We applied for and received a grant so we ordered the WOLFCOM VISIONS. So far we like them,” said Clymer.

“The main feature we liked is the body cameras’ portability. It can be clipped on your shirt, epaulette, belt, almost anywhere on your uniform and the lens can swivel and you can even clip it to your visor to make it a car camera. We’ve been using them for about a week and we’re enjoying them. They take good video and audio and also they take good still pictures, our officers appreciate that feature… you can take pictures with them on the spot without having to run back to your car and get a digital camera. The HD video quality is great, just as good as GO PRO. I’ve used mine already on a few domestic calls, vehicle stops and even a narcotics investigation where I needed it to affirm what happened. Body cameras are almost a must in today’s world and these VISIONS work great,” said Clymer.