wolfcom_logo_body_camerasOntario Police Department Chooses WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras



ONTARIO, OR- The Ontario Police Department recently purchased 8 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras.

“Police officers need reliable equipment. The Ontario Police Department chose the WOLFCOM VISION for its reliability, durability and ease of use. This department has tried other body cameras but has found that they don’t always stand up to the tough conditions of police work. At WOLFCOM, we design our VISION body cameras with a durable aircraft grade aluminum casing to make it light weight and resilient. We’re pleased that this department will be using our WOLFCOM VISION. We make the best, because cops deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

oregon-body-camera-patchSgt. Dave Walters helped with the body camera research for his department. “The main reason we got the WOLFCOM police body cameras was because our neighboring police department, the Nyssa Police Department, is using them… We’ve been using police body cameras for about 3 years, since before all the recent incidents in the news….We started using the VIEVU cameras but we had some issues with them. Cost was also a factor. Then we started using MUVI cameras, but those cameras fall off easily and get turned off easily. We started looking for a camera with a better on/off switch. When we saw the other departments VISION cameras, we saw that it has a positive on/off switch and that seemed to best way to meet our needs. The positive on/off switch is a big deal. If we’re in a situation where you need to respond quickly, you don’t want to stop and think if you turned it on or not,” said Walters.

“Recently we had a situation where two of our officers responded to an incident. One was wearing a MUVI camera; one was wearing a WOLFCOM VISION. The MUVI camera fell off and got stomped on and broken, the WOLFCOM camera stayed on securely… Cops are rough with equipment. We don’t get into a lot of physical situations, but when it does happen our old cameras always go off. The MUVI cameras don’t stand up to the rough situations. The WOLFCOM has not failed us so far,” said Walters.

The department has 24 police officers and so far Walters says there’s been no complaints about the WOLFCOM VISIONS. “We also liked that you could mount the VISION in different ways. You can’t do that with the MUVI cameras. We have officers with different heights and statures and it helps to be able to adjust the cameras to best fit each officer. Our officers also like the ease of operation of the WOLFCOM. As the MUVI cameras fail, we replace them with WOLFCOM VISIONS,” said Walters.

“Our official police body camera policy is that they must be turned on anytime we believe we need to take enforcement action. Anytime we make contact with a traffic stop or person on the street, the body camera needs to be on,” said Walters.