wolfcom_logo_body_camerasNewport Police Department Purchases WOLFCOM Police Body Cameras

June 18, 2015

NEWPORT, AR- The Newport Police Department recently purchased 12 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included docking stations and WOLFCOM Management Software.                                 

“We’re happy that the Newport Police Department chose WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. We at WOLFCOM design our cameras to assist officers in achieving the specific goals this department addresses in their police body camera program. We put a lot of thought into the designing the features that the Newport Police Department appreciated in their research phase, mainly the compact size and HD quality video.  We want to provide the best, most cost effective police body cameras available to help them in their everyday police work, because cops deserve the best,” said WOLFCOM founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Lt. Patrick Weatherford was one of the police officers who did the research and helped make the decision to select the body cameras for his department. “The inspiration for us to acquire police body cameras in part is due to the changing atmosphere in the criminal justice system. More judges and juries are demanding video evidence and we wanted to find a solution that would allow us to record and provide that evidence for use in court cases. There has also been an increase in litigation and complaints against police departments overall, so we did research and found that use of police body cameras reduced complaints significantly…so overall the reasons are recording evidence, reducing complaints and promoting good behavior by officers. Police body cameras help us reach all of those goals,” said Weatherford.

The department considered several factors in their research phase and ultimately decided on the WOLFCOM VISION police body camera. “We were happy with the price. WOLFCOM had much better prices then some of the other police body cameras we looked at. We also reached out to other police departments in the area that use body cameras and got feedback from them. WOLFCOM cameras got very good recommendations from the departments that used them. We also weighed the size of the cameras and watched sample videos to see the quality of the video the cameras produce. We were happy with the quality and size of the WOLFCOM VISION. Also the WOLFCOM police body cameras received positive reviews and references,” said Weatherford.

The Newport Police Department has 16 police officers total. Lt. Weatherford says the 12 body cameras purchased will be assigned to their 12 patrol officers first and eventually the department plans to purchase a body camera for each of the remaining officers by the end of the year. “So far we’ve only deployed 3 body cameras in the field for testing but plan to deploy the rest to all of our patrol officers by June… So far the patrol officers’ reactions have been positive. There was a little apprehension at first but the police officers who are testing them have quickly gotten over it and now view the body cameras as an essential tool. We were surprised by that, we anticipated some apprehension, but are surprised at how quickly the testing officers have seen this as a tool that protects them and helps them in their job,” said Weatherford.