wolfcom_logo_body_camerasKingstree Police Department Purchases WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras

Aug. 4, 2015


KINGSTREE, SC- The Kingstree Police Department recently purchased 15 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included 3 docking stations, 7 eye vision cameras, 2 super battery packs and Evidence Management Software by WOLFCOM.

“We appreciate the enthusiasm of the Kingstree Police Department for our WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Camera. This department appreciated and chose our VISION for its features and quality. We know the VISION will serve them well with their goal of increasing their department’s transparency with the public. At WOLFCOM we make the best police body cameras for cops… because cops deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM FOUNDER Peter Austin Onruang.

body_cam_kingstree_police_patchChief Eric Williams made the decision to order the WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Camera. “We wanted to purchase police body cameras because we felt as a whole it would provide another level of accountability and transparency in our interactions with the public… we wanted an additional tool to meet that goal and a body camera would be a definite fit for that,” said Williams.

“We looked at several body cameras, but when I saw the WOLFCOM Police Body Camera comparison chart and saw the quality and all of the technical functions it could do, we thought it would be the best fit for us….We liked the WOLFCOM VISION’s advanced pre-record feature, the LED Lights, the camera’s small size and the clip has a strong bite that can attach to your uniform. The VISION’s are very versatile and can also be used as a still camera and as dash cameras. We also liked the GPS capability… so when you add up all those features including the technical aspects, we were very impressed with the specifications of the WOLFCOM VISION,” said Williams.

“When we got them in, we were very excited. Our officers gathered around when we opened the box like kids opening a box of candy… They really liked the size and weight of the cameras and are very excited to get them. That’s a positive sign… and I anticipate the body cameras will be a great addition to our department,” said Williams.

The cameras are still awaiting full deployment next week, but from what Chief Williams has seen of the video quality, he’s excited to start using them. “The playback is like watching TV, it’s crystal clear and very detailed,” said Williams.

The department has 20 police officers and they have different preferences for body camera placement. “It’s about 50/50… some of the officers like wearing it in a center position on their torso, because they think it’s the best angle since it’s how you position yourself when interacting with the public… others like the glasses attachment POV cameras or the shoulder attachment POV camera.

The department’s official police body camera policy is that the officers must activate them whenever they interact with the public. “Not only does it record that interaction with the community and provide a level of transparency but also influences the public’s behavior because the public can tell when it’s on by looking at the public indicator light. Genuine interactions will be recorded; people who have other plans may be recorded as well. This technology gives us a front line view of what the officers see and we can make good indication with that,” said Williams.