Biltmore Forest Police Department Chooses WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras

April 29, 2015

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BILTMORE FOREST, N.C.- The Biltmore Forest Police Department recently purchased 13 WOLFCOM VISION and 4 WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police Body Cameras.

“The purchase also consisted of car kits and WOLFCOM Management Software.We want to provide high quality police body cameras at an affordable price so all law enforcement departments can utilize them. Police body cameras need to be used because they benefit the police officers as well as the citizens in the community. The use of body cameras gives the community transparency and in return, the community will have more trust toward police officers,” said WOLFCOM CEO Tiffany Wang.

Police Officer Ken Merritt was instrumental in the decision to purchase the new body cameras. He says the department has used body cameras going back about two years now. “At first we started out with some cheap ones [police body cameras] and found that our officers really liked them. They worked for us. They helped with police officer accountability and report writing. They also helped clear up complaints. If someone came in making a false complaint, we were able to go to the video and squash it,” said Merritt.

biltmore_forest_body_cameraA few months ago, Merritt was tasked with finding updated police body cameras as replacements. “I studied several models of police body cameras and did comparisons and found that the WOLFCOM police body cameras fit us a lot better. In terms of uniform placement, they have a good memory and they’re tough… police officers are pretty rough with equipment so it’s good to have tough cameras. Also I liked the different mounting options and rotating lens. I like to wear my camera on my pocket… other police officers like to keep them on their belt or lapel, so I wanted to make as many officers happy as possible with the mounting options. Also we liked the police body cameras small size. We looked at some other police body cameras like which look like this huge camera on your chest, it definitely stuck out and you’re carrying enough equipment, so the more compact police body camera was better for us,” said Merritt.

“We’ve used police body cameras for years and it’s never been mandatory in our body camera policy that those cameras be used, now with the recent events in the news, our police body camera policy makes it mandatory that officers have their cameras on and recording every time we interact with the public,” said Merritt.

“We had one case where our footage was on the news, channel 13 WLOS featured the police body camera footage we captured of when we captured an escaped prison inmate in January,” said Merritt. Here is a link to that news story