Body Camera Review: F1 Body Camera

Body Camera Specifications

Made in: China
Size: 3″ x 2.2″ x 0.8″
Weight: 4.3 oz
Battery life: Up to 11 hours internal battery

Main Features:

  • Video Resolution: Up to 1440p
  • Memory: 32 GB
  • Up to 11 hours of continuous non-stop recording
  • 140-Degree Wide-Angle lens with rotatable camera head
  • 360-Degree Durable Metallic Clip
  • IPX Rating 66
  • One-Touch Recording
  • Pre-Record Mode
  • Stealth Mode
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Built-in GeoTag stamps Date, Time, and GPS coordinates onto every video and photo files
  • Ability to Stamp an Officers Badge number onto Video and Photos
  • Battery indicator
  • Vibration confirmation and low battery alert
  • Simultaneous Photo taking during video recording
  • Programmable Automatic Built-in Night-Vision
  • Programmable Public Awareness Light
  • Password Protected
  • 60-second Pre and Post-record
  • Built-in LED flashlight

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Let me start off by saying we are surprised with the F1’s capabilities. It’s light-weight, small, and its specifications are simply impressive.

Mounting Options

The F1 comes with a strong 360-degree metal clip that allows it to be mounted anywhere on the uniform.


The large round button located on the front of the device is used to start/stop recording. To start recording, press the button once. To stop recording, press and hold the same button for about 2 seconds. The F1 will vibrate when recording starts and stops.

Other functions

The F1 can take digital photos, even while recording video and audio, and offers a “Covert Mode”, which can be activated by pressing and holding the snapshot button for 2 seconds. Covert Mode will deactivate all visual and audio notifications.


The F1 has an IPX rating of 66, meaning it’s dust and water-resistant and it’s able to withstand a 6-foot drop.

Video Quality

Video resolution on this device is 1440p (double 1080p) and it is equipped with a 140-degree lens. Both of these features combined make sure no detail is left unrecorded.

Other Features

A crucial feature that can’t be left out of this review is the metal contacts replacing the USB port on the bottom of the unit. USB ports were considered by many to be the Achilles’ Heels of body cameras for breaking down so often. The metal contacts are more reliable than USB ports, not only for charging but also for data transferring. An optional 8-slot docking port is also available for departments.

The F1 is equipped with a built-in GeoTag chip that records and stamps GPS coordinates, date, and time onto every video and photo file. Automatic night vision is also built-in and can be easily disabled.

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