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CJIS Certificate of Integration


As of June 1st, 2018

All body cameras submitted to BodyCameraReviews.com must have a valid CCI number.

Due to the threat of hacking and espionage of Government & Law Enforcement servers worldwide, body cameras that do not have a CCI number will no longer be accepted in over 30+ countries and territories.

If you are a Law Enforcement Agency or Government entity, you run the risk of exposing your network to malicious code and viruses. As per President Trump's Cybersecurity Executive order, Software developed and distributed from Russia, Iran, or China are not considered secure and may contain malicious code that will allow a hacker to penetrate your Government network. Always make sure that your body camera provider obtains a CCI number for their body camera solution. A CCI number ensures that your body camera solution provider complies with all CJIS requirements.

If you are a Manufacturer or body camera vendor, you can obtain a CCI number here.

Warning! That Police Body Camera you are testing might contain a Chinese Virus!

There are dozens of American Companies that are selling Chinese Body Cameras to Law Enforcement. If you are testing Chinese body cameras, DO NOT plug them into your computers.

Chinese body cameras are flooding the market wreaking havoc on the industry. These Chinese cameras are poorly made using cheap electronic components that burn out after a few weeks. Even worse, they may contain the “Conflicker Virus” that will penetrate your network and allow Chinese hackers to gain access to your police servers. ALWAYS BUY AMERICAN BODY CAMERAS from Legitimate US companies!

This website will help you identify Chinese body cameras from those designed and produced from US companies so that you don't make a devastating mistake.


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This body camera is advertised, manufactured and distributed by WOLFCOM Enterprises.

The HALO is the newest addition to WOLFCOM’s body camera solution and it seems like they hit the nail on the head with this one. With up to 11 hours of battery life, automatic night vision, IP67 rating, and HD recording, this camera seems to solve most of the issues body-worn cameras have had in the past.

Click here for the full review. Click here to see our review criteria.


Latest Body Camera News

New Body Camera Donation Website Helps
More Departments Get Body Cameras

LOS ANGELES, CA - WOLFCOM®, a leader in the police body camera industry since 2011, is pleased to announce the launch of BodyCameraDonations.com. BodyCameraDonations.com is a website geared towards helping law enforcement agencies with a limited budget invest in WOLFCOM® body cameras by receiving donations from the general public.

WOLFCOM’s inspiration for creating BodyCameraDonations.com was due to a large amount of individuals and community organizations that purchased WOLFCOM body cameras and donated them to their local law enforcement agencies throughout the years. Some recent examples include Jerry and Linda Vanderveer's donation to the Ft. Wayne PD, the Parke County Community Foundation's donation to the Parke County Police Department, and the Odd Fellow's donation to the Urbandale PD and the Kaplan Criminology Club's donation to Cedar Falls PD.

"With the growing need for body cameras, we wanted to create a convenient way for individual citizens and community groups like these, who want to help support their local law enforcement agencies to afford body cameras, to do so," said WOLFCOM COO Tiffany Wang.

"WOLFCOM is a well-established leader in the body camera industry and nearly 500 law enforcement agencies in the USA have selected WOLFCOM as their body cameras of choice. Our WOLFCOM Body Camera is a top-quality camera with many innovative features that police officers prefer like small size, lightweight and rotatable lens feature. This website will allow individuals to help equip law enforcement with some of the best body camera technology available," said WOLFCOM Founder and BodyCameraDonations.com CEO Peter Austin Onruang.